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The Trustworthy Leader

100x150_Trustworthy Leader Bookcover.jpg

Trust is an increasingly scarce commodity in the business world and, now more than ever, leaders who develop high trust relationships within their organizations outshine the competition. Companies whose employees praise the high levels of trust in their workplace are, in fact, among the highest performers, beating the average annualized returns of the S&P 500 by a factor of three. How does a leader’s trustworthiness propel an organization to excellence?

Since cofounding the Great Place to Work ® Institute in 1991, Amy Lyman has devoted her career to that very question. In the hundreds of thousands of survey responses the Institute analyzes each year, employees who love where they work point to trust as the key factor driving their commitment to contribute to their organization’s success. Employees in great companies not only trust their leaders, they also value the trust their leaders bestow on them In The Trustworthy Leader, Lyman draws on these 20 years of research and on extensive interviews to show how leaders actually build and maintain this foundation of trust in their workplaces.

Trustworthy leaders, she explains, typically follow a path she calls the Virtuous Circle which has six distinct elements: honor, inclusion, engaging followers, sharing information, developing others, and moving through uncertainty. The stories from leaders following this Virtuous Circle—from Best Companies to Work For such as General Mills, REI, Mayo Clinic, EILEEN FISHER, Hoar Construction, Wegmans, and more—form the heart of the book.

The Trustworthy Leader is a key resource for all leaders who want to develop a high level of trust in their organizations. Please download your copy of the first chapter from the menu on the right.