Do You Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

Social security benefits are available for individuals who are disabled, regardless of their age. However, not everyone qualifies for benefits and individuals interested in receiving benefits must first apply and get accepted. Once accepted, a monthly allotment is sent to the individual’s home. Most people who apply for social security disability benefits are denied and turned to a lawyer to help them apply for and appeal the social security disability Oregon decision. Here are a few things that you should know about qualifying for social security disability benefits.

There are both medical and non-medical disability benefits available to those who qualify under the SSA guidelines. Both children and adults may apply for and qualify for benefits. If you apply for medical disability benefits, you must have a severe condition that causes you inability to work for a period of one year or more. The severity of the condition is determined by your ability to work during treatment period.

Non-medical disability benefits are given based upon an individual’s mental capacity and numerous other factors. You are given an interview with a social security disability worker who helps determine if your condition qualifies as a severe, long-term condition that meets the social security requirements. Once the interview is over, a decision is made amongst a board of members based upon the information provided during the initial interview.

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It is important to talk to an attorney before applying or if you’ve been denied benefits. Attorneys can take away some of the stress of applying for benefits and ensure that you are not denied when you certainly need the assistance during a period of your life. Attorneys can even help you with the paperwork that you must complete to apply for the benefits, and otherwise make the process much simpler.